A U.S. Airforce veteran owned business; focused on supporting local communities. 

Jim Winkler, Owner 

Ask us about construction equipment parts. We offer very competitive pricing on OEM, aftermarket, used and remanufactured parts and accessories:

Caterpillar (CAT)
and many more

"Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your business, from product development to content marketing to sales to customer service." 
- John Rampton

 In-Shop Services

 Kentucky Location - 
 Equipment Rebuilds - Scoops, Bolters, Shuttle Cars, etc.
 General Machine and Fabrication - Pins, Plates, Rollers, Welding, etc.
 Heavy Welding and Machine.

 West Virginia Location - 
 Pumps, Motors, Valves and Cylinders.
 Welding, Fabrication and Design.

 Field Services

 Troubleshooting, Installation and Repair.
 Mechanical - Bolter Drill Pots, Wheel Units, Scoop Rear Ends, Man trips, Steering Sectors, etc.
 Hydraulic Repairs - High Pressure and Standard Hydraulic Components.
 Engineering and Design - Hydraulic and Electrical Systems Complete.
 Load outs - Troubleshooting and Repair all Kanawha Scales Systems. Stocking exchange units.
 Hydraulic Tubing and Clamps - Underground Gates, Load Outs, Prep-Plants.


 Power Units - Belt Feeders, Flop Gates, Slide Gates, etc.

 Conveyor Belt Take-up, Hydraulic Units and Cylinders.

 Service Buckets - Custom Built to Customers Specs.

 Retriever Systems - Complete Underground System.

 Trailer Systems - Off-road and on, Mobil Power Units,

 Reclaim Systems, Water Spray Systems.


 Auto-Cad, Electrical Panels, System Design.

 Testing Equipment:

 On-Site - Webster 100 GPM Meter

 HB-100 Schroeder Tester; 5000 PSI Range w/Variable Volume Capabilities.

 AH-100B Custom-Built Valve Tester Stand w/Complete AC or DC Voltages.

 AH-100C Custom-Built Cylinder Tester.

Our Custom-Built Products 

AH9163E 60 Bit Puller (video below)

AH-6-14 WC Miner Helper Cable Stand-Off (video below) 

14CM and 12CM12 Planetary Puller (video below)

AH10111RM Hydraulic Pressure Washer

Retriever System.

Long Wall Hydraulic Welder/Generator