A U.S. Airforce veteran owned business; focused on supporting local communities. 

Jim Winkler, Owner 

"At American Hydraulics & Rebuild, high-quality products will always be at the core our business." 

- Jim Winkler, Owner 

 Stocking Underground Hydraulic Components

 Joy - Miners, Shuttle Cars, Stamler Feeders, Continental Power Units and Cylinders and       more...

 DBT/Bucyrus/Cat - Scoops, Miners, Feeders, Roof Bolters, High Wall Systems, and more...

 Fletcher - Roof Bolters, Tractors.

 Fairchild/General Electric - Scoops.

 Powell Scoops - Scoops.

 A L Lee - Fork Lifts, Rockdusters.

 Schroeder - Coal Drills, Filters.


 Fairmont / Greenlee - Hydraulic Chain Saws, Greenlee Tools.

 Schroeder / Irwin - Filters, Elements, Coal Drills and Rail Equipment.

 Donaldson - Filters, Elements, Pressure Gauges, Breathers.

 Permco - Gear Pumps, Motors and Blowers.

 Simplex - Authorized repair center: Rams, Hand Pumps and
 Power Units.

 Wilden - Diaphragm Air Pumps and Waste Oil Pump.

 Custom Hoist - Hoist Cylinders and Ejector Cylinders.

 MPI - Z Drills and King Cobra Drills.

 Tommy Gate Co. - Lift Gates, Hoists.

 Factory Discounts

 CWS Co. / Swanson Ind. - Pumps, Motors, Valves.
 Cross Company - Vickers Pumps, Motors, Valves.

 S.G. Morris Co. - Linde Pumps and Pall Filters.

 Fleet Pride - Chelsea Power Take Offs and PTO Pumps.

 B.W. Rogers - Prince, Parker and Vickers Cylinders.

 Dake - Presses and pullers.